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Desi Rikayanti – Penerima beasiswa ADS 2013

6Kangguru International Education Service (KIES-ACEH) is where I first learned about IELTS. The atmosphere is cozy and clean, and the teachers are motivated and inspired both within and outside the classroom. They have made me more confident in realizing the goals to take a master program abroad. In addition KIES-Aceh is one place that becomes the source of information on scholarships and universities information in Australia. KIES-Aceh has been an International IELTS Test Center since 2010. KIES-Aceh has given great assistance for my study plan in Australia. I joined 3 months IELTS Preparation Class at KIES-Aceh and I felt so confident sitting on International IELTS test. I got much support on my application for Australian Scholarships from Australian Corner-KIES Aceh. The alumni there have helped me on information about ADS strong application and interview session. My dream comes true.  Now, I am on English Academic Program at Indonesia-Australia Language Foundation (IALF) in Jakarta, heading to Australia on AusAID-Australia Awards 2014. Thank you KIES-Aceh and Thank you Pak Samsul.


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